**Please read very carefully before booking***

All Retainers/ Deposits are non refundable and non-negotiable. A retainer/ deposit of 50% of the desired service is required in order for you to secure your appointment and it will be credited towards your TOTAL amount. If you are unable to make it to your appointment, please notify shirley a minimum of 24 hours in advance so that your deposit can be credited to your next service. Please understand that this does not apply to same day cancellations. Clients are only allowed to reschedule an appointment upon prior notice ONCE. Any rescheduling after the first attempt will be voided. ANY RESCHEDULED APPOINTMENT MUST BE RESCHEDULED WITHIN A MONTH OF PRIOR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT.

There is a late rescheduling fee of ($50) that can be payed to be able to reschedule if you try and reschedule 24 hours into your appointment. If you choose not to pay it you will forfeit your deposit (Non Refundable)

A remaining balance must be paid by cash payment upon arrival.

I am located in Vancouver

The exact address will be sent in your confirmation email. The address will not be given out before booking

Traveling inquiries are ONLY available for large bridal parties(5-8 bridesmaids) Any more than 8 bridesmaids you will need another Mua .Please contact me at least 2-3 month prior so that i can schedule accordingly. I do not take bridal inquiries 1 year before your wedding date . No farther than 2 to 3 months prior . A bridal trial is a MUST before booking me for your wedding . Without a contract signed and deposit sent your desired date is not secured .Shirley is NOT available for any other traveling inquiries.


Please do not bring any extra people with you to your appointment unless they are also being serivced
No kids as well.
A late fee of $25 will be added to your remainding balance if you are 10 or more minutes late to your appointment.If you decline paying the late fee you will not be able to get serviced and as stated you will not be refunded your deposit
If you are 15 or more minutes late to your appointment your appointment will be CANCELED

EarlyAppointments before 9am) an extra charge will be applied ($50) you have to add it as an add on when booking. If the early appointment fee isnt added on your appointment will be canceled and you will lose your deposit. Before booking please make sure appointments before 9am is available.if you do not see the time then that time is not available.

For any major holiday like Christmas ,New Years Thanksgiving, Canada day, ETC .there is a Holiday fee. Please add the holiday fee ,if not your appointment will be canceled .


Name: Rania

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 778-385-4338

Prom Soft Glam (1 hour 15 minutes @ $150.00)

This service is for prom clients ONLY !

Full face makeup application (highlight contour)
Comes with mink lashes
Soft plain blended eye makeup with pop of shimmer

Prom Glitter Glam ( 1 hour 30 minutes @ $190.00 )

This service is for prom clients ONLY
Full face make up application (highlight & contour)

Comes with mink lashes
Any bold cut crease or blended glitter look

Soft Glam (1 hour 15 minutes @ $130.00 )

Lashes included(Not mink lashes ) this does not include glitter on the bottom of eye .This is a regular soft look . 3 Blended colors with matte shadow or low shine pigment shadow

Sultry & Sassy glam ( 1 hour 30 minutes @ $155.00 )

Lashes included .
Any shimmery pigment eye look ,colorful or matte eye look with glitter on the bottom lash line

The Shirley Beat ( 1 hour 40 minutes @ $180.00 )

Comes with mink lashes and glitter on eye lids .this is the ultimate glitter eye looks

BRIDAL GLAM (2 hours @ $275.00)

A contract must be signed before anything is finalized .Please contact me for more information about brides and traveling . There is a traveling fee for weddings

Bridesmaid ( 1 hour 30 minutes @ $130.00 )

7176 124 street Surrey British Columbia V3w3w8


7176 124 street Surrey British Columbia V3w3w8

– in person appointments only between 9am-7pm Monday to Friday, in special circumstances we are available on weekends! –